We Love Fukuoka – Video

Fukuoka surprised us. After a few days in Kyoto spent learning about Geishas, we weren’t sure what to expect on our way there. What we got was a city with excellent food, countless things to do, and excellent...

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A Day Trip to Nara – Video

Our latest video from our day trip to Nara. Here we explored Kofukuji Temple and it’s Pagoda, strolled through Nara Park, and lastly we finished with Kasuga Taisha Shrine. We also enjoyed some delicious udon noddles in a...

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Tsutenkaku Tower

What we did in Osaka – Video

Osaka was a fun city. So much to do and with so little time. We only had one day in Osaka and we managed to fit in so much. Check out our Osaka video below or YouTube for our full Japan playlist. This is a city I would like to...

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Ana and Rob horseback riding, sunset in the background.

Let’s Eat, Travel and Explore!

Hi, and welcome to our small space on the internet, our new travel blog. After accumulating way too many pictures  and stories in South Korea. We decided to start sharing our adventures before we forget the great things we have...

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