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Rock Climbing in Vang Vieng

Rock Climbing in Vang Vieng – Video

After two relaxing days in Vientiane, we were ready to explore the rest of Laos.. We made it to Vang Vieng, a small town surrounded by beautiful scenery and countless things to do. We weren’t the biggest fans of the town, it didn’t have much charm, and most of it was built to accommodate party tourists from five years ago. Nowadays, the majority of the tourists are Korean and Chinese, as you’re just as likely to find kimchi on the menu, as English breakfast. The best way to enjoy Vang Vieng is to get out of the town and explore it’s natural beauty. There are many adventure activities to do in the area. From mountain biking, kayaking, and rock climbing, to exploring caves, waterfalls, and lagoons. We opted to go rock climbing with ‘Adam’s Climbing School‘.  Check out our rock climbing experience in the video below.

Rock Climbing in Vang Vieng Video



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