Explore Japan: What We Did For Two Weeks

We left Japan after two great weeks. While we were there we had a jam-packed itinerary, managed to make it to six different cities, and try a lot of great food. Here are our Japan videos and highlights.

Japan Favourites

Favourite City: Fukuoka. It was the city I could see myself living in. Nice people. next to the sea, good transport links, a lot to do, and best of all excellent food.

Street food in Fukuoka
Street food in Fukuoka

Favourite Food: Sushi near Tsukiji Market. After a wonderful tour of the market with a new friend we met through Couchsurfing. He took us to a great little shop outside it, away from most of the tourists. The prices were reasonable, the owner was amazing, and the sushi was the best I’ve had in Japan.

A small sushi shop near Tsukiji Fish Market
Sushi near Tsukiji Fish Market

Ana’s Favourite Moment: Tokyo in the Evening. It was so interesting to explore the streets of Tokyo. There is so much to see, and as everything lights up at night it becomes a dazzling place

Rob’s Favourite Moment: Hanging out with the hundreds of deer at Nara. Getting the chance to be so close to so many beautiful deer was amazing  They were really friendly, and would bow to us in exchange for food.

A Deer in Nara
A Deer in Nara

Unexpected Highlight: Seeing a Geisha in Gion. After a tour of the Gion district, we decided to explore it. The older buildings created a wonderful atmosphere and we were lucky to run into three different Geishas.

Geisha walking in Gion
Geisha walking in Gion

All our Japan Videos

What is your favourite place in Japan? Have we inspired you to travel to any of this great places?

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